Mohika Shankar
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The journey of every creative is distinct as they carve their path in the industry. It is true when they say there is no blueprint one can follow to become a professional artist. My dance journey began as a 5-year-old in Delhi who revelled in the rhythm and joy of moving. Learning Kathak under the able guidance of the Late Guru Shri Munna Shukla ...

Aston Hall
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“Thank you. I love nothing more than work that links the past to the present. I also love to see young people engaged in such work with such joy, passion and skill.” Audience Member

On 29th July 2023, we were delighted to team up with Birmingham Museums Trust to provide a unique day of performances and activities at Aston Hall to celebrate ...

Shrishti Gandhi
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Shrishti Gandhi has been a student of Sonia Sabri Company since 2019. She has performed for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games at Ward End park, danced alongside other community dancers in the Diwali celebration ‘Share the Light’ at the Birmingham Bullring, showcased Kathak at Sampad’s annual Asian Spring's ...

Roshni image
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"Roshni" – a name that resonates not just in the mind but also touches the heart. As a devoted Kathak dancer, I have long held Sonia ji in the highest regard and was fortunate to learn from her at DanceXchange. What struck me most profoundly was the ability of "Roshni" to convey the intricate art of Kathak in a beautifully simplistic ...