Kathak dance with live music

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Roshni (from the Persian word meaning light or brilliance) is an intimate crafting of dance and live music, inspired by the stories and experiences of everyday people. Made up of three distinctive and engaging dance pieces: The Call, The Light and The Wave, Roshni explores the highs and lows of life today and gives us hope for the future.

The audience are taken on an emotional journey, through wordless storytelling, percussive dance and warm, humorous and upbeat audience interaction. You’ll be amazed at the different landscapes our musicians can create through an incredible spectrum of global music styles. This feel-good show is a treat for the senses and beautifully demonstrates the connection between music and dance.

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Just as improvisation is the heartbeat of jazz, improvisation is considered a core part of a solo Kathak dance performance – consequently no performance of Roshni is the same! It is the perfect first introduction to those who have never experienced South Asian dance and something quite different for connoisseurs. Roshni is deeply moving, wonderfully uplifting and gloriously entertaining.

“A mesmerising performance. Sonia is a beguiling performer/host and it’s a real treat to spend an evening in her company - a highlight of our season for me”. Christina Elliot, Head of Programming & Producing, The Place

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“I loved the authentic sounds of the different cultures marrying into one another. I think it was amazing to use such a variety of sounds, it was such a pleasure to hear!” Audience Member, Birmingham Hippodrome

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