Visual Arts

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Artist-led workshops which explore the artform of Indian miniature paintings and wider South Asian visual arts.

Workshops available

  • Mughal-inspired costumes, props and puppets.
  • Indian miniature paintings, pattern and motif crafts.
  • Rangoli (Indian floor art) and rangoli-inspired crafts.
  • South Asian style decorations to decorate a classroom or school hall.
  • Traditional Indian bookbinding.
  • Pakistani Ajrak block printing.
  • Diwali / Eid lantern making.
  • Mehndi hand art.

“Staff were impressed that the dance and art workshops gave children the opportunity to express themselves and gave them an insight into the miniature paintings.” Community Library Service, Birmingham

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Learning Outcomes
  • Explore non-western artists, designers, and craft makers from history and up to the present day.
  • Gain understanding of different kinds of art, craft and design.
  • Learn key art and design techniques found in South Asian art and use these to develop and share ideas, experiences, and imagination.
  • Identify differences and similarities between different cultural disciplines and artforms and make links to own work.

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