Mughal Miniatures

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Mughal Miniatures is a vibrant outdoor performance for all the family, which celebrates and takes inspiration from the exquisite traditional art of Indian and Persian miniature painting. Performers in sumptuous costumes create a captivating living-picture, transporting you back in time to the richness of the Mughal Empire with a surprising contemporary twist.

Scene 1: The Awakening

The Awakening is a funny, joyful, and empowering journey of discovery complete with incredible dancing and a brilliant original soundtrack. Join us at the royal court to meet the feisty queen and her attendants but everything is not as it seems; our well-behaved characters have grown tired of their restrictive frames. Watch as they break free and work out where they truly belong!

“Such a joyful performance. Made me chuckle and smile at times.” Audience member, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

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Scene 2: Animal Paradise

Join us in the palace gardens where proud peacocks strut, cheeky gazelles play, princesses dance in the monsoon rains. But the tranquillity of the gardens is shattered as fearsome hunters spot their prey. Will harmony and balance be restored? Mughal Miniatures: Animal Paradise explores the relationship between humans and the natural world through expressive dance, evocative puppetry and incredible music.

“It was stunningly good. Really interesting idea based on miniatures. I haven’t seen anything quite like this before. It was a really quality performance.” Audience member, Brighton Festival

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Mughal Miniatures The Peacock & The Princess

Come and see our majestic peacock and prim princess roam through the crowd. Our bold and inquisitive peacock loves to explore, the princess loves to dance, and you are invited to join them. If you’re very lucky, you’ll get to see the peacock and the princess dance together!

“It was such a colourful and majestic performance! My girls were entranced the whole way through! The peacock was stunning! Thank you for a beautiful production.” Audience Member

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For programming enquiries, please contact our Producer

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Funded by

Arts Council England, Creative City, Birmingham City Council, Applause, Brighton Festival, Certain Blacks, Hat Fair
and Creative Estuary

Supported by

Withour Walls, Birmingham Hippodrome, FABRIC and Birmingham Botanical Gardens