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Parallels Poster
Parallels continues Sonia's quest to reinvent this classical Indian dance form with contemporary relevance. This is a sumptuous display in which classical and cutting edge modern day interpretations of Kathak exist side by side. Sonia then presents her distinctive personal style of classical Kathak with live music. Precise footwork, rapid turns, complex rhythms, intricate gesture and playful improvisation between dancer and musicians, build to a heart pounding rhythmic crescendo.

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Choreographers - Lisa Torun, Shobana Jeyasingh, Sonia Sabri,
Composers - Ryoji Ikeda, Sarvar Sabri
Artistic Consultant - Nicky Smedley
Light Design - Prema Mehta, Frances Rice
Costume - Sonia Sabri
Hatke - site specific
Hatke Poster
An exciting and unique ‘Urban Kathak’ flash mob to animate and enliven city spaces…

’Hatke’ as the title suggests, is 'surprisingly different' as unannounced dancers ‘break-out’ into joyful, ‘funky’ contemporary Kathak in the city streets, surprising and delighting passers by. With its smart, ‘earthy’ and up- to-date choreography and construction, ‘Hatke’ is an innovative way to reach a diverse audience that is positioned ‘outside’ the traditional space of the theatre spaces. It is a piece that also breaks down the perceived notions of Indian classical dance.

’Hatke’ was originally commissioned by The Big Dance, 2008, a UK-wide celebration of dance. It was first performed by 50 young dancers over a busy day in two locations in Birmingham city centre.
Choreographer - Sonia Sabri
Composer - Shri
Nisbat Poster
Meaning connection or lineage, reveals a dynamic new spin on the classical Indian Kathak tradition, inspired by the spirit of Gypsy folk, the passion of Qawwals, and the mysticism of Sufi philosophy.

Nisbat offers dance and music as food for the soul; as ways to celebrate the joys of life, as well as contemplate its meaning. Four dancers whirl through an evocative emotional landscape, driven by the rhythms of the tabla and duff, hypnotic melodies of the rarely heard santoor, and soaring ensemble vocals inspired by Qawwali form and Sufi poetry. The intricate play of movement, melody and rhythm creating a kaleidoscope of bold, mind blowing percussive dialogues and intimate, entrancing expressional compositions.

With an added flavour of Punjabi folk, Sonia and her fellow performers revisit Kathak’s true roots as a complete artform; particularly where a dancer brings her own voice to the stage. Nisbat is a high impact performance presenting powerful kathak at its finest, illuminating the raw core of the dance and embracing the joyful nomadic spirit.
Choreographers - Sonia Sabri,
Composers - Sarvar Sabri, Traditional, Gulfam Sabri
Light Design - Frances Rice, Costume - Sonia Sabri, Kamaljeet
Red Poster
Combining exquisite dance, arresting visual design and evocative music, Red explores the cultural, spiritual and emotional significance of the visual spectrum's most potent and resonant colour. It provides insights into the diverse experiences, interpretations and associations of the colour red...marriage; blood; urban neon; heat; religious ritual; passion... Red is a place of release, an opportunity for reflection. It is a celebration of life.

Red places classical Kathak's virtuosity and grace within an unmistakably modern day setting. Performed by three dancers, including Sonia herself, Red unites mesmerising spins, rapid footwork and the detailed hand gestures of the dance with the driving rhythms and subtle sensual melodies of live musical accompaniment, which with echoes of trance beats and jazz riffs has itself a distinctive contemporary edge.

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Choreographer - Sonia Sabri, Composer - Sarvar Sabri
Artistic Consultants - Rose English, Jetinder Verma
Set Desighn - Jacqeline Gunn, Light Design - Charles Balfour
Costume - Jacqeline Gunn
Rekha Poster
meaning ray or line is a beautifully intimate crafting of dance and live music. Sonia Sabri explores the classical roots of Kathak in this solo programme, focussing on precise footwork, rapid turns, complex rhythms and poignant mime and gesture.

The first half comprises a quartet of items weaving poignant gesture and lyric and bursts of quick rhythm. These include an invocatory item, expressional or 'abhinaya' pieces, and rhythmic 'pure dance'. The second half begins with a musical introduction, and continues to display the technical intricacies of the dance through improvised dialogues between dancer and musicians building to a heart pounding crescendo. Although the compositions derive from the traditional idiom, Sonia's personal approach creates a modern classical presentation.

This stunning solo production features evocative live music including Tabla, Vocal, Harmonium and Sitar.
Choreographer - Sonia Sabri, Composer - Sarvar Sabri
Light Design - Chris Rooney, Costume - Sonia Sabri
Drishti Poster
Drishti meaning vision or perception - revisited the beauty and poise of Kathak within a responsive digital environment, translating and amplifying the choreography into a stunning multilayered visual and aural landscape. The programme featured solos and duets in three parts: - Curve, Gaze, Whip, choreographed by Shobana Jeyasingh and Ayam and Naiyaka choreographed by Sonia Sabri.

The production was created in collaboration with composer and digital artist John Marc Gowans and performed by Sonia Sabri and Noni Jenkyn-Jones with live and recorded music from Musical Director/Composer, Sarvar Sabri..

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Choreographers - Shobana JeyaSingh, Sonia Sabri
Composers - Sarvar Sabri, John-Marc Gowans
Digital Design - John-Marc Gowans, Light Design - Helen Cain
Costumes - Sonia Sabri
You Poster
This work contemporarises the kathak vocabulary. Stimulated by Ghazal – a sophisticated form of Urdu poetry, married with human psychology and diverse musical disciplines creating a new movement grammar, to challenge the current perceptions of what Kathak is and most importantly what it is capable of in its emotional and physical expression. A collaboration between composer Sarvar Sabri and Choregrapher Sonia Sabri. Lighting design by Chris Rooney.

Choreographer - Sonia Sabri, Composer - Sarvar Sabri
Light Design - Chris Rooney, Costume - Sonia Sabri