I joined the company in June 2021 to learn ‘Same Same…But Different’ ready for the Summer and Autumn tours. '

By the end of November, I will have performed the show a grand total of 42 times! 

It has been a busy time but there have been some unforgettable moments.

Touring for me is not just about the performing (which of course is a joy in itself); it’s about the communities we meet, the conversations with the families after the show, the meals shared with the company, the laughter in the van, the time exploring new places…I could go on and on!

 Performing a show aimed at children and their families has been a lot of fun. I love the instant reaction from the children; they smile, laugh and shout out what they think and feel. I feel very lucky to be able to bring joy to their days and to open up conversations for them about difference and why we should celebrate difference.

We have also been busy delivering workshops in primary schools and in some of the performance venues. 

I have loved leading the creative part of these sessions, taking the children through a task that allows them freedom to create their own movements and then share and perform to their classmates. 

A highlight for me was our day in Broadmayne organised by Arts Reach. We had two workshops that day, one with ‘Premix’, an inclusive performance company for 7 - 11 year-olds. We had a brilliant time exploring some of the props (like bells and a long red ribbon) and the different dance styles from the show through improvisation and play. As a key theme of the show is celebrating difference, I think it’s really important that all children are included in the work that we do.


Something I’ll particularly take away from this experience are the memories of the lovely people we’ve met and the comments from the children after the show. One girl (age 9) said:


“I really enjoyed the show because all the other shows are different to this one, and this one was funny, I don’t normally enjoy shows and this one was the best one I’ve been to, it’s really joyful. I get really into it, it’s really good”. 

Rural touring is unpredictable, you don’t know what the spaces will be like until you arrive and you might be performing to 2 people or 200 people. 

Every day is different but every day is an adventure!