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Welcome Back

Welcome Back 

New Administration & Marketing Assistant for Sonia Sabri Company

We would like to welcome back Hannah MacGregor who completed an internship with us back in July.  We were so impressed with her work that we offered her a position with the company.  We are very excited about the future and look forward to working with Hannah again! I had a lovely chat with Hannah about her thoughts on joining the SSCo team and what lies ahead; here is what she had to say........... 

After completing my internship, I always felt there was more to come. I had developed a strong relationship with the SSCo team in a short amount of time and felt very comfortable with my role in the company. Therefore, it seems very fitting that I have been invited back on a permanent basis as the company’s Administration & Marketing Assistant. I look forward to getting my teeth stuck into various projects, especially their education and outreach work as this is an area of the arts which I really enjoy. I am also very keen to expand upon my knowledge and understanding of marketing practice and use my enthusiasm to deliver the company’s marketing strategy in the best way possible. In the future, I hope to be working in education and community development for the arts, using my passion as a way of giving back into society. I feel very humbled to have been approached about this opportunity and will be forever grateful to SSCo for the experience that they are giving me. I look forward to all the exciting projects and opportunities ahead.