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Our enjoyable and informative Kathak and Indian music workshops give participants the chance to develop creative skills and promote self-confidence.
Exercises listening and observation skills, raises awareness of the body and its abilities, create stylized patterns & shapes, use space effectively. Teaches posture, alignment, grace, control, and creativity.
Introductory workshops
For all ages and levels from beginners’ upwards, a fun and friendly interactive workshop introducing the key elements of Kathak.
Working with young people
We regularly develop bespoke workshops for schools to compliment national curricular activity. These can be adapted for more informal learning, for example, youth groups or under 5’s.
Professional development aimed at dance students, including GCSE, BTEC, A-Level and Higher Education exploring Sonia Sabri’s unique movement & choreographic techniques in detail. Lecture demonstrations also available.
Projects & Residencies
Students have the opportunity to gain further understanding and experience of creative processes used by SSCo. Length of residency can be negotiated to suit you.
Curtain Raiser
Work with the company to choreograph and perform for a ‘real’ audience. This is a great opportunity for dance students to experience professional process from concept to performance.
Each workshop is available with the option of live Indian musical accompaniment.
Workshops can last between an hour, half-day and full day.
Workshops give participants the chance to develop new percussive and music skills from the Indian subcontinent. Learn about history, techniques and play different musical instruments.

SSCo’s own musical language
Work with artists to create a piece of music that incorporates classical sounds, Indian “beat boxing” and body percussion.

Learn about festivals, celebrations, religious values, historical events, fables and proverbs, to name just a few!
A medium for young and old to devise, observe, reflect and express views. Chose a focus and work with professional artists to create an original short film.
Experience Rangoli the oldest Indian Floor Art, a non-permanent art form that can express an image, idea, design or pattern through texture.
Arabic Calligraphy
Learn about the shapes and artistry of this beautiful skilful art form.
Learn about interdisciplinary South Asian art forms; contact us to find our more.
A range of workshops available for beginners, schools, youth groups, HE, FE and students, undergraduates as well as practitioners and experienced artists.

Workshops, projects or a residency can be single art form: dance, music, storytelling, poetry, filmmaking, calligraphy or visual arts or art forms can be combined.

To make a booking or request an education pack, please contact: MelEmail

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