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Roshni is a beautifully intimate crafting of dance and live music, transporting and uplifting the audience on a journey of joy. This soul-stirring performance is a captivating combination of Kathak dance, with live music from a global palette of styles. The sumptuous music from different lands features kaval and violin led by the bold rhythms of Tabla percussion. Roshni brings together Sonia’s distinctive style of dance, rooted in the traditions of Kathak from Northern India, yet reimagined in the context of her lived British experience, with diverse musical genres and artists, ranging from South Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe and celebrates the rich diversity of our global community.

The first performance of Roshni will be at Belfast Mela

Roshni is a flexible work, ideal for small to middle scale, indoor and outdoor venues.

Target Audiences:
  • Family audiences
  • All ages and backgrounds
  • Global music audiences
  • South Asian Dance audiences
  • General dance and theatre audiences
  • Rural audiences
  • Festival goers
For programming enquiries, please contact our Producer
Claire Birch - claireEmail
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Choreography & Dance Artist - Sonia Sabri
Tabla Player - Sarvar Sabri
Clarinet & Kawal - Katie Stevens
Viola - Emily Dore

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“Sonia’s incredible energy and skill and how expressive she was.” Milap
 “Sonia was able to effectively engage with the audience and via her storytelling and unique ensemble of musicians was also able to successfully bring Indian together with western musical influences.” Audience Member, Milap
“Fabulous Indian kathak dance performance by Sonia Sabri Company in Lyric Theatre, Belfast. Pat of Belfast Mela week.” Mukesh Sharma MBE DL

“Powerful, emotive and joyful! A true talent!”  Arts Ekta
“That was amazing! Sonia had the whole audience in the palm of her hand through out…The music and the dancing was incredible. Thank you very much for being a part of the programme.” Shrewsbury Folk Festival 
“That was the best thing I have seen in the whole festival. I loved it!” Audience member, Shrewsbury Folk Festival 
“I feel quite emotional and spiritually lifted at the same time. I am truly moved by this experience. Thank you so much. I shall remember this for the rest of my days.” Audience member, Shrewsbury Folk Festival
“Such a beautiful performance.” Greenbelt Festival
“The performance was full of power, emotion and grace. The combination of Indian music and music from other cultures was unique.” Audience Member, Milap
“I can’t believe the energy and at the same time the intricacy and detail of the dance and music coming together. It was such a treat/ It’s so important for audiences from all backgrounds to witness this.” Belfast Mela