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‘Mughal Miniatures’ is a vibrant outdoor performance event for all the family, which celebrates and takes inspiration from the exquisite traditional art of Indian and Persian miniature painting.
‘Mughal Miniatures’ is upbeat and fun, with performers in sumptuous costumes creating vibrant and colourful mini worlds of dance, music and puppetry. A series of pop-up, living pictures evoke scenes of Indian princely courts and lush gardens, and the glory of the Mughal period with a contemporary twist, undercutting expectations and delighting and surprising passers-by.
We invite you to step back in time and join us at court to meet the feisty Queen; to dance as if no one is watching in the monsoon; to tame a cheeky peacock; to hunt in the forest; and to join in the procession of noble elephants. But everything is not as it seems, and our well-behaved characters have grown tired of their restrictive frames. With the help of you our audience they can break free not only of their pictorial frames, but also of society’s expectations.
Indian miniature painting of 9th and 10th century was hugely multicultural, drawing inspiration from many peoples and cultures. Fittingly therefore, as with all Sonia Sabri Company’s work, this project is about bringing different artists, forms and cultures into dialogue with each other and demonstrating their complementary nature, as a metaphor for our diverse society at large.
‘Mughal Miniatures’ is a scalable work. We offer:
1)    Walkabout
2)    A small-scale performance /14 mins duration/4 people on tour
3)    A mid-scale performance/20 mins duration/7 people on tour
4)    Complementary dance, and visual arts and crafts workshops
For programming enquiries, please contact our Producer
Claire Birch - claireEmail

Funded by
Arts Council England, Creative City, Birmingham City Council,
Applause and Creative Estuary

Supported by
Birmingham Hippodrome, FABRIC and Birmingham Botanical Gardens

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Choreography - Sonia Sabri
Music - Sarvar Sabri
Dramaturge - Sue Buckmaster
Set - Ella Barraclough

Dance Artists
Selene Travaglia
Shreya Vadnerkar
Kinga Malec
Aakanksha Rawat

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“Such a joyful performance. Made me chuckle and smile at times.” Audience member, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

“The dynamic between the performers, one being more willing to step outside the box, giving the characters personality.” Audience member, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

“Talented dancers – their footwork, experiences and costumes.” Audience member, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

“Fab choreography.” Audience member, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

“The sharing of cultural tradition.” Workshop Attendee, Birmingham Libraries

“The facilitators were enthusiastic and very patient.” Workshop Attendee, Birmingham Libraries

“Fantastic cultural experience, very interactive and excellent members of the team.” Workshop Attendee, Birmingham Libraries

“Meeting new people and exploring different cultures, ideas and it was so much fun!!!” Workshop Attendee, Birmingham Libraries

“Creative workshop that involved all children. Dancing and story telling was great.” Workshop Attendee, Birmingham Libraries