Ladypool Speaks

Stories of Real Women from Birmingham's Ladypool Road

An Oral History Project

We have arrived at the final stage of our project Ladypool Speaks, following on from our heartfelt celebratory event at the Mac Birmingham! The evening was a fascinating array of poetry, visuals & evocative live music, inspired by the real stories of amazing women which left onlookers feeling touched by their strength and experiences.  Thank you for everyone who came along to support us at this event.
Ladypool speaks is primarily about women who live and work in Ladypool Road both past and present, recording and documenting their experiences and realties. A slice of history unfolds the changing shape of Ladypool Road through the eyes of local women over the past 50 years! 
Sonia Sabri Company conducted over 20 interviews, which opened a door to the stories of real women, illuminating their strength, power and achievements.
In Spring 2015 the interviews will be archived at The Library of Birmingham, thus creating a chunk of history that will never be forgotten, this archive will be made publically available to be used as a resource for the community. This fascinating archive will inform researchers or inspire future artists such as poets, authors or musicians.

We believe art has the power to change lives, using the tools of imagination we create a voice for the people, so everyone involved can stand a head taller in every day life! 

This project has been supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and The Library of Birmingham.