Superb review of Ekalya at Endinburgh Mela!

  Sonia Sabri in ‘Ekalya’.
Photo © Simon Richardson

From the opening, Sabri seizes our attention with the sharp focus of her movement and her eyes. We see Shiva beating his drum with vigorous finger and wrist action and as the dance progresses the God alternates between fury and steely resolve. With dynamic motion, Sabri weaves gorgeous shapes, her hands mesmerising with their eloquence and suppleness....... Stuart Sweeny for Critical Dance
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Don't miss our next performance of Ekalya at The Bharitya Vidya Bhavan, London on Saturday 11th October at 6.30pm. 

 To book please contact the venue direct:



The Bhavan Centre



Saturday 11th October at 6.00pm 

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

4a Castletown Road

West Kensington 

London W14 9HE

Ekalya celebrates Indian & Persian Artistry through a beautifully intimate crafting of dance and live music. Sonia Sabri, a leading light in the world of Indian Kathak dance, breathes new life into a classical art form.

Kathak is an exhilarating dance experience: an astounding display of precise footwork, eloquent gesture, rapid turns and intricate, heart-pounding rhythms.  Internationally acclaimed for her electric stage presence and distinctive personal style, Sonia revisits the roots of Kathak in a high-impact performance that embraces a rich, joyful spirit and builds to a heart-pounding rhythmic crescendo.

This stunning production features evocative live music from an ensemble of musicians including sitar, vocal, harmonium and tabla from the world-renowned maestro Sarvar Sabri.

A vibrant and uplifting performance from two of the most renowned performers in the UK, which will delight and wow audiences of all ages. Driven by live music, the dialogue between dancer and musician is dramatic, innovative and soul-stirring. 






Sonia Sabri Company Trainee 

(European Training Placement)


A huge thank you to Elena Masarin for all her hard work over the last few months! The pleasure was ours! Elena joined us from Italy and worked on various film projects with the team, including research and development. We would like to wish her good luck with future aspriations and her forthcoming exams!!