JUGNI opens with a glow

SSCo's new touring production, JUGNI opened at Leicester's Let's Dance International Dance Festival earlier in May, and received a standing ovation!

Poetic, dramatic and soul stirring, Jugni (female fire fly) captures the spirit and stories of real women. 

Jugni is a dramatic blend of dance, music and meaning with soaring live vocals and percussion inspired by Qawaali, and powerful contemporary choreography driven by the passion of the female energy, spirituality and creative expression. 

'I was taken on an emotional journey' Audience
'Stunning' Choreographer Norway 

Artistic Director Sonia Sabri says,

'I have always been fascinated by the physical, mental and emotional strength of the woman, JUGNI performed by a predominately all female cast is a homage to all the woman of the world.' 

JUGNI promises great musical depth featuring a surprising and eclectic mix of Welsh and Urdu vocals, Egyptian percussion and of course tabla.  Says Sarvar Sabri:  “We didn’t necessarily go out of our way to find artists of different nationalities. We head hunted the most talented female artists who had a passion for their art as well as for the subject matter.” 

We continue to tour JUGNI this summer and look forward to seeing you!