featuring excerpt of new work 'Dastaan'

This evening is dedicated to the legendary Sarangi maestro the late Ustad Sabri Khan. As one of the most celebrated musicians and pioneers of the Sarangi during both 20th and 21st centuries, his name was synonymous with this astonishingly beautiful, and quintessentially Indian classical instrument. The international concert will include Qawwali, Sarangi and music from Iran on Sehtar.

The evening also previews an excerpt of Soina Sabri Company's new work by Sabri Ensemble, Dastaan: an emotive and unique experience of film projection, inspired by Persian Calligraphy, accompanied by original live music. In Dastaan the calligraphy comes alive and dances across the screen for a poignant meeting of the interlinked cultures of India an Persia, transforming into the context of a modern, multi-cultural Britain.


Friday 25th November at 8pm
mac Birmingham
Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham B12 9QH
Tickets £12 (standard) £10 (concessions)
Sales & information 0121 446 3232
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