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Happy New Year from Sonia Sabri Company


When it comes to celebrating the New Year it seems that everyone has their own unique way of doing things. Some countries throw bread, others burn scarecrows, and others toss coins. Below are a few New Year’s traditions from around the world.

In Japan they ring all of their bells 108 times in alignment with the Buddhist belief that this brings cleanness. 

In Switzerland they celebrate the New Year by dropping ice cream on the floor. 

In Denmark people climb on top of chairs and literally “jump” into the New Year to bring good luck.

In Scotland the first person to cross the threshold of a home in the new year should carry a gift for good luck.

In Thailand they go around smearing each other with gray talc.

In Ireland they hit the walls with bread to get rid of evil spirits.

So this is a happy New Year from the team at Sonia Sabri Company make it a good one and however you celebrated may it be an exciting and prosperous New Year for us all!